Our story is about finding a way to give, because we have all that we need in accessible health care, education choices, clean water and nutritious foods. With the purpose of giving back to the country of their birth, Chantrea and Sokeara as preschoolers thought to make and sell hearts for Valentine’s Day to benefit families in Cambodia. During that cold February of 2003, we sewed a few hearts and sold them on a folding table in our little village. And our story was born.

Since then we have been joined by hundreds of others who are living a life of gratitude, creativity and charity during the cold weeks of winter. Steadfast friends and new ones that emerge yearly keep the spirit of Hearts That Help alive. But it is always the gravity of unresolved needs in Cambodia, that stirs us to begin another season of love and giving, with you.


Natalie :: professor of art history, studio artist + entrepreneur
Steve ::  RISD grad + 3D designer/builder
Chantrea :: rising college student + budding social scientist
Sokeara :: montessori middle schooler, snowboarder + writer