If you’re interested in doing a Hearts That Help workshop or fundraiser, we would love to hear from you. Email us at and we’ll get you going.

Hearts That Help projects create beautiful, hand-made Valentine heart hangers and handmade fiber accessories given with a tag referencing our website and the name of the person who stitched the heart. Each piece is a work of art and a meaningful gift, changing the meaning of Valentine’s Day into “a gift of true love.”



An individual, a small group or a large community can sew hearts–it’s up to you! Heart hangers should be made to hang, in any kind of design. We recommend using embroidery floss for stitching and good quality felt to avoid frayed edges. Materials used have included: velvet, quilted fabric, raw wool fibers for needling, heavily stitched designs on cotton, lace, antique fabric doilies, old blankets and sweaters, and more. (Avoid the temptations of the glue gun–quick and easy, but lacks the quality of handwork.) Consider inviting artists to lead sessions on how to knit, needle felt, embroider, bead, etc.

Our classic heart hangers are stitched and stuffed to about the size of your hand or smaller. Anything goes with materials used to sew, but we have found that felt (store-bought felt, felted wool sweaters, or needled felt) provides an edge for stitching that’s least likely to fray. Our newest pieces are stitched brooches, and bow ties for the men in our lives. All born from our love of fibers and the hope to change the lives of people in need.


Teaching children to sew and to give to charity is one of the great joys of this project. We’ve learned that children need to take lots of time to make a heart of quality, designed and stitched with care. One of the principles of Hearts That Help is to make works of art. In the end this instills pride in good work and raises awareness on what it means to give something of value to others. More time invested = more love gifted.

Chantrea Selling with Friends


We look for a variety of ways to make our work accessible to supporters. At home “trunk” sales over a cup of coffee, farmer’s markets, schools, cafes, auctions, Etsy, houses of worship, or even on a street corner outside of your local store, anything goes. Selling children’s hearts in their schools is always fun (they learn small business and economic skills and makes it easy for parents to support their children’s efforts). Finding burgeoning local businesses to allow you to sell before Valentine’s Day is a win-win too!

Below you will find an easy way to tag each heart! Please print both sides, message your name, year and more if you’d like, and then thread through the hanger.  HeartsTAGS


Each heart is purchased by donation in the amount chosen by each buyer. A suggestion of $20 for each is recommended, but donations in any amount are generously given and gratefully received. Other items for sale are tagged and priced accordingly. Checks should be made out directly to Angkor Hospital for Children and donors are able to receive tax exemption receipts in return.